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E-kniha: Rytmus lásky -- Láska pokračuje - Lily Wonderland

Rytmus lásky -- Láska pokračuje

Elektronická kniha: Rytmus lásky -- Láska pokračuje

Naším hlavným cieľom je a zostáva pomáhať a starať sa o tých, ktorý to najviac potrebujú, deti, lebo najväčší dar, ktorý môžeme dať je LÁSKA a choré deti to potrebujú najviac. ... (celý popis)
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Naším hlavným cieľom je a zostáva pomáhať a starať sa o tých, ktorý to najviac potrebujú,
deti, lebo najväčší dar, ktorý môžeme dať je LÁSKA a choré deti to potrebujú najviac.
Preto sa pokúšame priniesť trocha svetla, liečby do životov všetkých malých anjelov.

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Rhythm of Love

Lily Wonderland


Michael ́s angels


Copyright for front cover: Marta Seeháková

Copyright for back cover: Silvia Veszprémiová

Corrector for english language: Darrin Lee

Publisher: Mladá Éra Autorov nového tisícročia

/ MEA 2000 / o. z.

© copyrights reserved ISBN 978-80-560-0264-3



Official introduction video

Love divine

(This poem is dedicate to all the children)

I’d give my life just so yours shines

Only with you I feel whole and complete

You gave me the strength to succeed

You are most precious to me


Lord, I wish the whole world could see

My divine love and what it means to me

Innocent and loving, so gentle and true

With a heart made of gold

Helpless and fragile but I see right through

Everything is a miracle being with you

Your love is divine it’s up to me to let you shine

You walked through my heart’s open door

I’ll keep you there forever more

My sweet love divine.

© A friend which prefers to remain unknown


Preface Of Rhythm Of Love

...the L.O.V.E. goes on

Our main goal is and remains to help and care for those who

need it most – the children. Children are the most precious

gift on earth. If we do not take care of them today, there will

be no tomorrow. Tomorrow will have no meaning. All of

them are a gift of God, they are our future. We must give

them all the loving, caring support possible; we must give

them unconditional love and unqualified acceptance. Even if

they have a face that only a mother could love, even if they

are disabled, by all means they have a right to be loved and

cared for because they are our children – children of the

world. They deserve to be happy in every way, the right of

education, the right of a beautiful, loving and caring home.

They have the right of a healthy diet.


No child should ever have to suffer. This is a matter which

needs immediate attention! That’s why, if we don’t take care

of them and take action now, we all will be doomed beyond


Many of us are blessed with beautiful, healthy children.

Many of us are blessed with a loving home, but unfortunately

the majority don’t have such blessings. Let’s not forget about

them! Let’s count our blessings and also give something back

to the unfortunate; this is what the world nowadays needs.

We must start to think as a unit, regardless of race, gender or

religion. We have to start now, before it’s too late. The

greatest gift you can give is LOVE. The greatest gift you can

receive is LOVE. LOVE is the answer. LOVE is the ultimate

truth. Children are LOVE – the love of God; therefore, let’s

join together as one for the sake of L.O.V.E. For the sake of

the greatest gift on earth: children.

Beginning last year with our first book “Rhythm of Love,”

we donated to the organization called "Good angels." This

year we continue to bring a little light & healing into the lives

of all these little Angels.


With your help, we will make some wishes come true. Thank

you all for your continuing love and support. Thank you on

behalf of these beautiful children.

God bless you!

© A friend which prefers to remain unknown

For more information, visit the website "God Angel" (


Tell Me Who Am I

Am I the one you've been searching

for or just your greatest fear?

Do I make heaven on earth for you

Or do I let nightmares to become true?

Just tell me who am I

Am I how you want me to be?

Is it my creation

Or just your imagination?

Do I meet your fantasy?

What do you see

What do you want it to be?

Oh, just tell me

Am I made out of love, compassion and trust

Or am I ashes and dust?

Am I your lifesaver, keeping you from dying


a death of loneliness

Or am I the one who brings you

the so much-needed success?

Am I just an illusion to bring confusion?

Just tell me who am I

Who you want me to be?

Do you prefer truth or will you go with fantasy?

Such questions haunt you day and night

Am I the ghost that you’re trying to fight?

Could this be

Just see, it’s just me

I am whatever you want me to be.

Who am I?

© A friend who prefers to remain unknown


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


In our verbal flaws

of tribulation,

we paint the dark side of immortality and gesture like a clown

at the cunning face of death. Little wonder the clouds wept

their tears down like showers watering freshly planted

sunflowers and sewing life in the emptiness of our thirsty

desires. What determination springs up in us to avert our

gruesome fears and face the obvious realities set forth before

the unpredictable? It is courage triggered by our selfless

heroes and innate programming that drives us to the

infinitesimal limits of thought to cheat death as well as

conquer immortality's greatest secrets and public elixirs.

Alas, gaining the favor of Anu and Gilgamesh in an era

without verbal flaws and flawed actions. The golden age isn


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


Our lives shorten

with every second that ticks off the clock. As we celebrate 1

second, so we celebrate being 1 second closer to death. Why

not, then, make the most of life by making the world happy

and blissful by utilizing our talents to make it a better place?

© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa


© Azeez Osayamen Edo-Omozuwa



Close your eyes and pick a memory

A simple but powerful one

A memory that gives you the strongest

Emotion you ́ve ever felt in your life.


Focus on the emotion for a moment

Let it consume you completely

Fill yourself with this emotion

Focus on the emotion alone.


Now, slowly start to focus on the details

What do you hear? See? Taste? Smell?


What makes this memory special

While taking in the details, keep focused on the feeling.


Keep this feeling with you for as long as you can

Life is nothing more than one’s interpretation of events

You are in control of perspective

You choose how you want to see things

Now, still focused on this feeling.

Open your eyes.

© Brittany Howard



It ́s one thing to have a song stuck in your head, but to have

a name, face, voice, an essence, an energy seared into your

consciousness is the definition of bittersweet. Although the

best kind of annoyance, it’s the worst kind of enjoyment. My

being calls for you as my heart beats in rhythm with the

sound of your name. Normally I hate such a dichotomy,

but love how you make me feel.

© Brittany Howard


From God To You

Just when you think it ́s the end

I will ask more of you

You must prove your faith to me again and again.

When you ́re so afraid to break that you won ́t even bend

I will ask you to stay true

Just when you think it ́s the end

I might isolate you from all family and friends

So I can do with you what I need

You must prove your faith to me again and again.

Storms will brew inside till you wish for death

And I will still ask more of you

Just when you think it ́s the end


Your electricity will be cut off and sleep in a cold bed

I have to make sure your loyalty is true

You must prove your faith to me again and again.

But I am still with you my child, my friend

I have to show that my blood runs through you

Just when you think it ́s the end

You must prove your faith to me again and again.

© Brittany Howard


The L.O.V.E. Goes On

(For The Children)

A picture is worth a thousand words

Napoleon Bonaparte once keenly observed

In recent memory, though, nobody captures this truism

Quite like Silvia Veszpremiova.

Only a project written by fans of the humanitarian

So full of love, as Michael Jackson

Could touch the human spirit

With such a heart-tugging call to action.

To help God’s children suffering

All too often in silence

With serious disease and affliction

Is “Michael’s Angels” stated mission.


I am very honored to contribute time

And energies to the Rhythm Of Love series

For on CD, paper as well as E-Book format

We strive to alleviate children’s pain and miseries.

Lily Wonderland provides the driving energy

You see, she’s quietly behind the scenes

Assembling this book, with a blessed synergy

So God bless you MJ... we love you.

© Darrin Lee


Photo: Copyright of Silvia Veszprémiová


The day will come

The day will come

for those who live with love

and peace in their hearts.

To believe we are with you

In your army of love

The choice is made

The weapons are hot

Let's start to shoot

Our bullets of love

Lead us ahead in your name

It means a lot here

For we are you.

© Diana Karakozova


© Gabriela Kemenczeiová


© Hana Lencová


© Hana Lencová


Summer Story

The evening and holiday was at an end. Talia lay in bed with

closed eyes and in vain tried to fall asleep.

Suddenly, hot and dry air penetrated into the stone walls of

her room. Something electrifying was in the air! Talia knew

what it meant.

Approaching the mistral was a cold, strong wind from the sea

forecasted to blow for almost a week, break branches and trip

her up if she attempted to walk.

Around midnight, nearly half asleep, she heard the doorbell.

Who could it be?

She found that her parents went upstairs and spoke with

someone, only hearing soft words or fragments of sentences.

"We stayed in New York yesterday and wanted to take the

opportunity to explore a bit of the Canadian coast – it's

beautiful nature. I love the sea. We drove towards Saint John,

but you know the roads, weather and the speed of winds.


Coming in the opposite direction, well, there was nothing we

could do. No, nothing happened to me, I was strapped in with

a seat belt, but my manager is in the hospital. You can call

and check it out. Yes, apparently there will be surgery. And

the hotel did not have a single free room! Excuse me..."

"We are very pleased that we can help you. Of course, you

can stay here," mother softly spoke. "In the next room is a

free bed. There is our daughter Talia, if you do not mind, she

has long since been asleep."

"Actually, I'm afraid to wake her. I suffer restless sleep,

though I will not bother her for too long. Early in the

morning, I have to go to the hospital."

"I'll lend you some clothes from my husband," mother


"Perhaps you are a lot skinnier than me," said father.

Talia closed her eyes tighter. For a while, she heard water

running in the bathroom and caught a streak of light as the

door opened. Silhouettes of three figures passed silently to

the far wall.

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