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Kniha: More About Software Requirements: Thorny Issues and Practical Advice - E. Wiegers Karl

More About Software Requirements: Thorny Issues and Practical Advice

Kniha: More About Software Requirements: Thorny Issues and Practical Advice

thorny issues and practical advice
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Nakladatelství: Computer press
Médium / forma: Tištěná kniha
Rozměr: 23 cm
Úprava: xv, 201 s. : ilustrace
ISBN: 0-7356-2267-1
EAN: 9780735622678

Short Description A must have for business analysts, product managers, software developers, and project managers, this concise follow up to the popular Software Requirements, Second Edition, offers practical, proven, real world techniques for gathering and managing software requirements. Long Description Have you ever delivered software that satisfied all of the project specifications, but failed to meet any of the customers' expectations? Without formal, verifiable requirementsand a system for managing themthe result is often a gap between what developers think theyre supposed to build and what customers think theyre going to get. Too often, lessons about software requirements engineering processes are formal or academic, and not of value to real world, professional development teams. In MORE ABOUT SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: THORNY ISSUES AND PRACTICAL ADVICE, the author of Software Requirements, Second Edition, describes even more practical techniques for gathering and managing the software requirements that help you meet project specifications and customer expectations. A leading speaker and consultant in the field of requirements engineering, Karl Wiegers takes questions raised by other professional software developers and architects as a basis for the practical solutions and best practices offered in this guide. Succinct and immediately useful, this book is a must have for developers and architects.

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