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E-kniha: Giving your business the right face - Alexandra John

Giving your business the right face

Elektronická kniha: Giving your business the right face

The e-book Giving Your Business the Right Face is an amazing tool for those who don't want to be overlooked anymore. It is for those who do, even though the world says boo. The e-book gives ... (celý popis)
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The e-book Giving Your Business the Right Face is an amazing tool for those who don't want to be overlooked anymore. It is for those who do, even though the world says boo. The e-book gives you an amazing range of know-how, tips and tricks when it comes to running your own business. First you’ll clarify what you want. Second you’ll find out what to do to be unique and set yourself apart from other brands. Then you’ll uncover how to build your presence online. You’ll also learn how to work with your customers and get the best feedbacks possible. On the top of that you’ll be given simple tricks that will align you with your brand so you’ll become absolutely irresistible.

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Starting Your Own Business?

AlexAndrA JOhn

10 Tips

GivinG your


the riGht face

on building a successful brand


startinG your own business?

Copyright © 2014 Meriglobe Women Club Ltd.

All rights reserved. This publication or its part may not be copied or otherwise duplicated without

the prior written consent of the publisher. Unauthorized use of this book will be prosecuted.

The information contained in the ebook are descriptive in nature and do not constitute

personalized advice or offer.


ISBn 978-0-9932701-0-9 (Mobi)

ISBn 978-0-9932701-1-6 (ePub)

ISBn 978-0-9932701-2-3 (PdF)


startinG your own business?



1. Clarify what you want

do you know what you want?

Products must correspond with the brand

Imitation doesn’t pay

2. Create an original logo and slogan

A unique logo is worth a thousand words

Most importantly, make it easy to remember

Put a tiger in your tank

how to properly use a logo and slogan

3. Establish an Internet presence

even regional companies need a website

how to create a website which will actually increase your business

Blogging: the personal dimension of doing business

4. Use the power of social media

Whatever you post will remain online forever

how to choose the right networks

Be sociable on networks

5. Be yourself

don’t underestimate feedback

Company ethics are important


startinG your own business?

6. Align everything you do with the brand

Keep it uniform!

7. Take care of your customers

don’t react to problems, prevent them

Praise to ambassadors

every contact with the customer is important

listen to what they say

8. Be socially responsible

Poor children on the other side of the world?

how about the ones in the village next door.

Making a purchase and contributing to a good cause.

Share your activities with the public

9. Build a good reputation

A good name is like a magnet

how to maintain an excellent reputation

10. Be flexible

Online and on mobile devices

Things we couldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago...



startinG your own business?


It doesn’t matter whether you own a small tailor shop or an international company which

manufactures spare automobile parts. A crucial part of every business is the company brand. This is

the face of your business. It influences how customers perceive your business and tells what kind of

services you provide them.

I’m not going to pretend that building a successful brand is easy. It’s a long-term endeavor. On the

other hand, any entrepreneur who wants to have a stable and successful company cannot avoid

brand building. That’s why it’s better to approach this task as an interesting challenge which I will

gladly help you to meet. This step-by-step guide will take you through the entire process of building

a brand.

You will also learn how to strengthen your brand and create a good reputation, even when you

encounter negative feedback. In this regard, clever use of social media may be of invaluable service.

Social media and branding are a most fortuitous and fruitful combination. That’s why a considerable

portion of this guide is dedicated to practical advice, tips and tutorials how to work with this type of

media and how to draw support for your business from it.

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