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Kniha: Fundamentals of Diving Medicine – František Novomeský; Akin Savas Toklu

Fundamentals of Diving Medicine

Kniha: Fundamentals of Diving Medicine
Autor: František Novomeský; Akin Savas Toklu

FOREWORD The Moon and its secrets are the goal of the Airman; the abysmal depths of the Ocean and its mysteriesthe goal of the Submarine Explorer.Sir Robert H. Davis, Deep Diving and Submarine Operations, 1955 The changes in physical ... (celý popis)
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Nakladatelství: » Osveta
Médium / forma: Tištěná kniha
Rok vydání: 2021
Počet stran: 354
Rozměr: 280x200
Úprava: ilustrace (částečně barevné)
Vydání: First edition
Spolupracovali: translation from Slovak: Lorenz Goebels
Skupina třídění: Lékařské vědy. Lékařství
Učební osnovy. Vyučovací předměty. Učebnice
Jazyk: anglicky
Vazba: pevná
EAN: 9788080635008

FOREWORD The Moon and its secrets are the goal of the Airman; the abysmal depths of the Ocean and its mysteriesthe goal of the Submarine Explorer.Sir Robert H. Davis, Deep Diving and Submarine Operations, 1955 The changes in physical parameters in the aquatic environment bring a real plethora of particularphysiologic and medical problems during diving. There have been important developments regardingdiving techniques and technologies since humans started exploring underwater, but diving-relateddiseases and accidents have continued to be a problem. This is why diving medicine and diving physiologyhave always been irreplaceable for safe diving. Unfortunately, diving physiology and medicine over the eras could not find a sufficient place in thecurrent curricula for classic medical education. Therefore, medical students and young doctors requirea comprehensive source of information when they are interested in diving medicine, or divers comingacross examinations or on-site treatment of divers diseases. This textbook tries to meet this need withthe contents of basic knowledge about diving physics and physiology, as well as clinical information aboutdiving diseases. The textbook includes a variety of case reports of diving diseases and accidents that willalso be beneficial for recreational and professional divers, instructors, and physicians with differentspecialities. When someone practices diving, diving physiology and medicine can be better understood andexplained. Both authors of the book are active divers and diving instructors, also providing consultationservices for diving emergencies. They also represented their countries in the European DivingTechnologies Committee (EDTC), which is an independent, non-profit organization working to makeprofessional diving safer. The majority of diving accidents can be prevented if the underlying reasons for accidents are identified.Prof. František Novomeský is a Forensic Medicine specialist, lecturer of Forensic Medicine and DivingMedicine at Comenius University in Bratislava, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, the state experton diving accidents investigation in Slovak Republic. With over 60 years of diving practice (even as aninstructor and lecturer for special police diving squads) and dozens of diving accidents investigated andanalyzed, he is a well-recognized person in its field in Europe. Prof. F. Novomeský is a DAN EuropeMedical Officer (Slovakia). Some of the medical problems encountered during diving are also experienced in compressed air work.Prof. Akin Savaş Toklu, who is a specialist on Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, was a medical advisor onthe construction site during compressed air work in the Eurasia Tunnel Project that connected Europeand Asia underneath the Bosphorus. He also worked as a diving physician on-site in some underwaterarchaeological works, excavations, constructions, and salvage operations. He is a lecturer at IstanbulUniversity, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, where the residency program on Diving and Hyperbaric Medicineis provided. He also shares some clinical case reports from his department or diving operations. Prof. A.S. Toklu is a DAN Europe Medical Officer (Turkey). This textbook, elaborated by two experienced and recognized specialists from both wings of todaysmedicine - morphology and clinics - may serve as a comprehensive basis for students of medicine withan interest in underwater medicine and even a skilled diving physician, but would also be a rich sourceof knowledge for diving instructors to better understand the way for safe diving procedures. Jürg WENDLING M.D. Chairman of Medical Subcommittee European Diving Technologies Committee (EDTC) Switzerland

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