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Kniha: Debugging Microsoft .NET 2.0 Applications - Robbins (Wintellect) John

Debugging Microsoft .NET 2.0 Applications

Kniha: Debugging Microsoft .NET 2.0 Applications

Short Description Get hands on instruction for using the tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to ... (celý popis)
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Nakladatelství: Computer press
Médium / forma: Tištěná kniha
ISBN: 0-7356-2202-7
EAN: 9780735622029

Short Description Get hands on instruction for using the tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to debug, tune, and test applications. This guide features practical advice and code samples for developers at all levels from a leading authority on improving code. Long Description Traditionally, tools for performance tuning, testing applications, and debugging code have been expensive, hard to learn, and difficult to use. While previous versions of Microsoft Visual Studio have included debuggers and other code improvement tools, Visual Studio 2005 presents developers with robust and useful tools and processes to help ensure top quality code. In this guide, an expert on improving code, John Robbins, steps back from the expert level information that characterized his previous debugging books to present hands on, practical advice for working developers on how to use the debugging, testing, and tuning features in Visual Studio 2005. In addition to an overview of the science of debugging and expertly guided instruction, this guide also features solutions to common, real world development problems. Developers of all skill levels will be able to use this book to help improve their understanding of debugging, debugging tools, tuning, and testing, including how to effectively employ Test Explorer, the Enterprise Performance Tool, and WinDbg.

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