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Kniha: The Capital – Robert Menasse

The Capital

Kniha: The Capital
Autor: Robert Menasse

Satirický román z prostředí evropské politiky a společnosti. ... (celý popis)
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Jazyk: anglicky
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Nakladatelství: MacLehose Press
Médium / forma: Tištěná kniha
Rok vydání: 2019
Počet stran: 417
Rozměr: 22 cm
Vydání: First published
Spolupracovali: translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch
Skupina třídění: Německá próza
Jazyk: anglicky
Vazba: měkká
EAN: 9780857058638
Popis / resumé

Satirický román z prostředí evropské politiky a společnosti.

Popis nakladatele

"A deliciously vicious - and timely - satire about the E.U. and the meaning of Europe today" - Frederick Studemann, Financial Times

Brussels. A panorama of tragic heroes, manipulative losers, involuntary accomplices. No wonder the E.U. Commission is keen to improve its image. The Capital is a sharp satire, a crime story, a comedy of manner, a philosophical essay - the major European novel, published on the eve of Brexit, at its heart the most powerful pro-European message: no-one should forget the circumstances that gave rise to the European project in the first place..

As the fiftieth anniversary of the European Commission approaches, the Directorate-General for Culture is tasked with planning and organising a fitting celebration. The project will serve the wider purpose of revamping the Commission's image at a time of waning public support. When Fenia Xenopoulou's Austrian P.A. Martin Susman suggests putting Auschwitz at the centre of the jubilee, she is thrilled. But she has neglected to take the other E.U. institutions into account.

Inspector Brunfaut is in a tricky situation too: his murder case has been suppressed at the highest level. Luckily, he's friends with the I.T. whizz at Brussels' Police H.Q., who gains access to secret files in the public prosecutor's office. Matek, the Polish hitman, knows nothing of this. But he does know that he shot the wrong guy, and for Matek, who would rather have become a priest, this is serious. And what about the pig farmers who take to the streets of the city to protest about existing trade restrictions blocking the export of pigs' ears to China . . .?


Další popis

Winner of the German Book Prize, The Capital is an "omniscient, almost Balzac-ian" (Steven Erlanger, New York Times) panorama of splintered Europe. Set on capturing the elusive inner workings of the European Union, Robert Menasse, one of Austria´s most creative thinkers, moved to the EU´s headquarters in Brussels for an enthralling, wine-soaked tour of supranational institutions. The resulting novel has become an international sensation, translated from German into more than twenty languages and deemed "the first great EU novel" (Politico). At the heart of a cast as diverse as the union itself is Fenia Xenapoulou, a Greek Cypriot recently "promoted" to the Department of Culture, who hopes to revamp the European Commission´s image by proclaiming Auschwitz as its birthplace with the "Big Jubilee Project." Other tragic heroes, clever schemers, and involuntary accomplices are intricately woven, revealing the absurdities-and real dangers-of a fiercely nationalistic "union." Mordantly funny and piercingly urgent, The Capital, the winner of Germany´s highest fiction prize, is an "elegantly written, beautifully constructed" (Die Zeit) feat of world literature.

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