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Children of the New Forest

Children of the New Forest

Autor: Captain Frederick Marryat

Cavalier and Roundhead battle it out in the turbulent setting of the English Civil war. This book tells the tale of four orphans as they face adversity, survival in the forest, reconciliation and eventual forgiveness.

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Autor: James Joyce

Contains stories that show us truants, seducers, gossips, rally-drivers, generous hostesses, corrupt politicians, failing priests, amateur theologians, struggling musicians, moony adolescents, victims of domestic brutishness, sentimental ...

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The Italian

The Italian

Autor: Ann Radcliffe

With an Introduction by Kathryn White. `He saw her wounded, and bleeding to death; saw her ashy countenance, and her wasting eyes ... turned piteously on himself, as if imploring him to save her from ...

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North and South

North and South

Autor: Elizabeth Gaskell

Follows the story of the heroine's movement from the tranquil but moribund ways of southern England to the north. This book uses a love story to show how personal and public lives were woven together in a industrial society. It traces ...

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